Plenary Session Speakers

  • Dina Alexandrou - University of Cyprus - Cyprus
    Nucleon structure from Lattice QCD - recent achievements and perspectives
  • David Armstrong - W&M, Williamsburg, Virginia
    Review of Parity-violating Electron Scattering Experiments at Jefferson Lab
  • Diego Bettoni - INFN Ferrara - Italy
    The heavy quark meson spectroscopy: experimental results and perspectives
  • Evaristo Cisbani - Istituto Superiore di Sanità and INFN Roma - Italy
    Nucleon Form Factor Experiments with 12 GeV at Jefferson Lab
  • Nicole D'Hose - CEA-Saclay - France
    Results and perspectives on TMDs and GPDs at COMPASS
  • Guy de Teramond - Universidad de Costa Rica - Costa Rica
    Hadron Spectroscopy and Dynamics from Light-Front Holography and Conformal Symmetry
  • Abhay Deshpande - Stony Brook University - USA
    Physics Opportunities and Prospects of the US Electron Ion Collider
  • Evangeline Downie - The George Washington University - USA
    Overview of Baryon resonances: present status and perspectives
  • Jo Dudek - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - USA
    Role of gluonic exitations in the hadronic spectrum
  • Peter Fierlinger - TUM - Germany
    Electric Dipole Moment Searches
  • Susan Gardner - University of Kentucky - USA
    An overview of neV probes of PeV scale physics -- and of what is in between
  • Wolfgang Gradl - JGU Mainz, Institute for Nuclear Physics
    Meson spectroscopy at BES-III
  • Michael Guidal - Insitut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay - France
    Review of GPDs
  • Noriyoshi Ishii - RIKEN - Japan
    Lattice QCD approach to Nuclear Physics
  • Hermann Krebs - Ruhr - University of Bochum - Germany
    Single nucleon chiral perturbation theory with explicit Delta isobars
  • Bernd Krusche - University of Basel - Switzerland
    Latest results from meson photoproduction off neutrons
  • Robert Mc Keown - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - USA
    Present and Future of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
  • Piet J. Mulders - Nikhef and VU University - Netherlands
    TMDs: Theory and Phenomenology
  • Megumi Naruki - Kyoto University - Japan
    Hadron Physics Program at J-PARC
  • Silvia Niccolai - Insitut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay - France
    The DVCS program at Jefferson Lab
  • Mike Pennington - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - USA
    SPQR: Spectroscopy, Problems, Questions & Results
  • Konstantin Petridis - Imperial College of London - UK
    LHCb: recent achievements and perspectives
  • Craig Roberts - Argonne National Laboratory - USA
    Images of the origin of mass
  • Concettina Sfienti - Johannes Gutenberg University - Mainz Germany
    The low-energy physics frontier at Mainz: results and perspectives
  • Dennis Sivers - Portland Physics Institute - USA
    TMD Observables and QCD Dynamics
  • Elton Smith - Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility - USA
    The light meson spectroscopy program
  • Marco Stratmann - Brookhaven National Laboratory - USA
    Partonic Spin Structure of the Nucleon
  • Adam Szczepaniak - Indiana University - USA
    Hadronic low energy phenomenology
  • Anthony Thomas - University of Adelaide - Australia
    A vision of Hadron Physics
  • Natalia Toro - The Perimeter Institute - Canada
    Probing Dark forces: HPS
  • U. van Kolk - Insitut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay - France; University of Arizona - USA
    Time-Reversal Violation in the Nucleon and Light Nuclei

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