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Proceedings of MENU 2013

The Proceeding of MENU 2013 will be published by EPJ Web of Conferences.

The page allowances will be:
* plenary talks: 6 pages
* parallel talks: 4 pages

The deadline for receipt of contributions is February 1st 2014.

The proceedings will be published online in 17x25 cm2 single-column format.

We recommend that authors use the EPJ Web of Conferences Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e templates to prepare their documents. They have to follow carefully the instructions for authors available at the website of the journal ( Extra care should be taken when preparing reference lists. Indeed, online references will be linked to their original source, only if possible.

The document type to be supplied:
  • Format of the documents: 17 x 25 cm2 1-column;
  • Type of files: print-ready PDF;
  • Short title of the conference: (MENU 2013) to be inserted in the heading;
  • Word or LaTEX2 sources and figures.

Authors are asked to submit their documents directly to the editors at:

At the same time, please send the signed license agreement to the address below or fax it to:+39 049 9677303 (changed since Jan 1st 2014).

We require both the print-ready PDF file of the contribution and the license agreement in order to proceed with the publication.

We look forward to receiving your contribution to ensure the lasting impact of the conference.

The editors, Proceedings of MENU 2013
Marco Battaglieri
Annalisa D'Angelo
Raffaella De Vita
Alessandro Pascolini
Gianni Salmč

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